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Thank you for visiting our official website! That means our efforts were not in vain. We are starting to work for your benefit.
We have been observing, studying, analyzing and gaining experience and inspiration for a long time.
We have been preparing and working hard to find necessary information and establishing necessary relationship. And the reason we have been doing all that was:

  •        When you arrive in Lviv, you won’t have to worry about anything.

      ·         When you arrive in Lviv, you will have the feeling that you are treated not just like tourists or clients, but like desirable guests and almost friends.

      ·         You will know that as long as you stay in Lviv you are our guests. So, even if you call and tell us that you are lost, we will immediately rush to find you.

      ·         You will not to be deceived by dishonest landlords - we promise to personally check every offer and to make sure you have clean and warm place in winter and enough fresh air in summer.

      ·         When you return home, you will dream about the next trip to Lviv and recommend us to all your friends and people you are acquainted with. 

pro nas2We are the team of Leopolitans, who love their city very much, and we are guided by this love in everything we do. And if something is made out of love it always gives the best results. We are positive and joyful, but it doesn’t mean that what you will hear about Lviv and all our region will be just an interesting story. We are constantly learning and developing, so that our story would be informative as well. 
We are full of new ideas, that’s why so many interesting things are waiting for you. Our approach is creative and our work is full of enthusiasm because we live in the city that inspires creativity, so we definitely can surprise you.
We will be happy to meet you personally, answer all your questions and take into account all your wishes.
We will help you to make your vacation in the royal city of Lviv royal indeed.
On top of everything, you will have so much fun with us! 

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