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Well, it is possible with us. Have you visited Lviv many times? Have you seen almost everything? Do you know all the houses in Rynok Square by heart? Then how about taking a route which only a few tourists are aware of, although it is rather close to the historic center, in the Austrian part of the city? We mean Kopernyka Street and its vicinity.


Palace of Leon Sapieha


The house used to belong to Prince Leon Sapieha. He was the person who, in the 70's of the 19th century, was trying to persuade the politicians and British financiers with the help of a globe and thread that the best route from London to Bombay was through Lviv. The project was approved but not implemented. The owner paid for the palace almost as much as the famous Pototsky palace, though it was much smaller in the size. It was called a magic box and Lviv Louvre. Are you interested now?

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Memorial Museum Prison at Lontskoho Street


Memorial Museum Prison at Lontskoho Street has three story lines: the history of the building, prison life and mass execution by shootings at the end of June 1941. You can see the checkpoint, prison cells, the investigator's office, the photo laboratory and other prison facilities. Some of the prison cells are converted into exposition halls. The corridors are equipped with stands showing the history of the building, some names of the executed prisoners and the texts of the documents regulating the life in this prison throughout different periods.

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Lviv Citadel


The Citadel was built on a hill consisting of three mountains: Shembeka (Vronovsky), Poznan (Pelchynska) and Zhebratska (Kalicha). These mountains covered South-Eastern approaches to the city. The construction lasted from 1850 to 1856. The Citadel consisted of a large casemate barracks and six towers (two square and four round ones). The towers were surrounded by the dry concrete moat, serving as a trap, as it was very difficult to get out of it alive. The Citadel was provided with a fortification system and deep ditches around. Most of the buildings have escaped destruction up to this day, and some of them are used for public purposes. Lviv Citadel has something to tell you, and the history of the mountains, on which it was built, dates back to ancient times, measured by centuries.

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Kupol restaurant


Our tour will end with a cup of coffee at Kupol restaurant. Its interior has been preserved in the spirit of the era of historicism in Lviv, being the end of 19th - the beginning of the 20th century. Apart from feeling romantic atmosphere of the restaurant, you will hear the most romantic love story of the royal city. And its main character was directly related to the building where now there is a restaurant.

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