Princely Lviv

Have you ever been to places where Lviv was born? Who laid its foundation and when it happened? There are lots of questions, scanty reference in the chronicles and numerous contradicting theories of researchers. During this tour we are going to walk along the streets and squares where the very first Leopolitans lived and where the Galician princes were walking along.

We will try to search for the answer together, traveling throughthe most unexplored time of the history of Lviv.


Old Rynok Square


According to many historians, it was at this place that the main square of ancient Lviv, the centre of urban life of the princely city, was located. It was near Rynok Square that trade route to Volyn and further to Lutsk and Kyiv ran. Merchants from Western countries and Asia used to come here bringing their goods. And during the interwar period, there was a large synagogue on the square.

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The Church of St. John the Baptist


The church used to be the court church of Princess Constance, the wife of the Prince Lev. Historians have different opinions when one of the most ancient churches of Lviv was built. According to the first version, it was constructed in 1201 in honor of the birth of Danylo Halytsky. The second version suggests that Prince Lev invited Dominican Monks in 1260 or 1270 to build the church for Constance, and later it was passed to Armenians. The third version states that it was Armenians who built the church in 1270, and later it became Catholics’ shrine. However, it is virtually impossible to tell which date, if any, is trustworthy.

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Church of Our Lady of the Snow


The full name is the Church of the Immaculate Conception of Mary of the Snows. It was probably built in the 13th century. It is believed that this architectural monument was founded by the German community of Lviv in about the middle of the 14th century. It is known that German merchants and craftsmen settled in our city during the days of Prince Lev Danylovych. Obviously, the settlers also had their own sanctuary. Originally, it was a wooden church and starting from 1350, obviously, a stone church, but the building was not preserved in its original form.

Church of Our Lady of the Snow in Lviv 3


The High Castle Park

The history of the Princely Lviv is closely linked with the hill, сurrently known as "High Castle." We are going not only to walk up to the highest point of Lviv (413 m above sea level), where you can have a great panoramic view of Princely City and choose the topic for our next tour, we are going to walk through the very park, to find out how one mountain arose out of two ones and what happened to the castle. We are going to see the artificial grotto and the oldest lions of Lviv and to learn how Bogdan Khmelnitsky, Jan III Sobiesky, Franz Joseph I as well as Knights of the Teutonic Order are related to this mountain.

And the grand finale of the tour will be a dinner or lunch at the High Castle restaurant!

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