Polish Lviv

During its long history, Lviv was under the Polish rule for more than 400 years. Therefore, it's no secret that Rynok Square and the nearby streets that are so popular with the visitors and Leopolitans were built during the Polish period of Lviv.


More than one Polish king visited Lviv. The city was granted rights and privileges. That’s why being the part of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, the city had been developing and flourishing – and this has inevitably left its imprint on the architecture of the city - until Swedes robbed the city.


Rynok Square


You are not going to hear a standard story about the Square. We are going to tell you a story about most of the 44 buildings on the square and about the people who lived therein. What was the occupation of the inhabitants of the most prestigious region of the Polish Lviv? Who did they love? And, of course, we cannot just go past the City Hall, the most famous building on the square. We will conquer more than 400 steps to see all the beauty of the central part of the royal city.

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The Latin cathedral

It took much longer to build the Latin Cathedral than any human ever lived. That is the reason why no builder saw the results of his work being completed, passing the baton to the next generation of constructors. But today we have the opportunity to fully appreciate the achievements of all previous eras. Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and some elements of classicism can be found here. Being very different, everything looks very harmonious at the same time. Well, this is the nature of Lviv - total harmony

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The Jesuit Church


This is one of the largest and the most magnificent churches of its era. The rich order of the Jesuits has left behind not only the great church, but also interesting stories and secrets, which are being investigated in its dungeons, murals of the temple and the documents. We are going to go up to the temple gallery, where you will be able to see one of the largest pipe organs in the city. Besides, you will be interested to know why the sky on the ceiling of the temple is painted green.

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Traditionally, at the end of the tour our guests have lunch or dinner at one of the best restaurants in Lviv - Baczewski Restaurant. We provide our guests with the exclusive thing - GUARANTEED reservation of the table at Baczewski Restaurant. With us your opportunities in the royal city will be ROYAL indeed.

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