«Lviv… stands in the place, which is like a summer house in the middle of paradise. Its outskirts are very beautiful… As soon as you cross the threshold, you will come across so many wonderful things that you need to travel elsewhere hundred miles to see something like that... I have travelled through half the Europe, I’ve been to the most famous cities of the world, but nowhere have I seen so much bread as people bring to the market every day, and almost everyone foreigner can find the cookie from his country – bread, strudel, cookies, or whatever they are called. 

There’s a lot of beer and honey here, too, and not just local, but also imported. Wine is brought from Moldavia, Hungary and Greece. Sometimes you can see over a thousand barrels of wine stacked in Rynok Square. Whatever language you speak, you’ll find it here. The city lies far from the sea, but when you see a crowd of Cretans, Turks, Greeks and Italians gathered around barrels of malmsey in Rynok Square, still dressed for sea voyage, you might think that there’s a port right outside the city gates». 

This is the impression some tourists have had about Lviv since the 16th century. Martin Groeneweg, a famous merchant and traveler, described Lviv in this way. Multicultural, multinational, multi-ethnic Lviv could not but have a multinational cuisine.


If you want to comprehend all the beauty of Lviv while walking along its streets, it is necessary not only to see it. It's important to hear, to touch, and definitely to taste the variety of dishes in which the aromas of Mediterranean spices are blended with Galician hospitality and infused on the centuries of history. This is what we call Galician cuisine –the cuisine that you are going to taste in the best restaurants of Lviv: Baczewski Restaurant, Panska Charka, Jerusalem, etc. You will learn what is Parzybroda, tsymes, flaki, paliushky, andruty and more, and more, and more. And, of course, you cannot do without coffee here. Coffee is something that goes without saying in Lviv. It will definitely be the most delicious and the most romantic coffee. How can coffee be the most romantic? Well, wait and you will find out.

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